A banner logo showing the Lexington Kentucky skyline.


SACRAO welcomes you to join us at this year's annual meeting which will be held in Lexington, Kentucky. SACRAO members come from across 14 southeastern states and represent over 500 individual colleges and universities. The SACRAO annual meeting provides a unique opportunity for corporate partners to connect and network with a variety of higher education professionals that could benefit from their services.

SACRAO offers our corporate partners the opportunity to sponsor our annual meeting with recognition of that sponsorship shared throughout the conference. Sponsorship provides several different benefits and sponsors have a variety of opportunities to sponsor specific events. We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing a uniquely Kentucky experience!


A cover page with the SACRAO 2024 logo overtop of the Lexington city skyline.


This year's annual meeting will be in Lexington, Kentucky. The downtown area is home to a thriving art scene, local restaurants, parks, and historical buildings. The equestrian spirit is alive and well and can be seen in a variety of areas throughout the city. Visitors will find plenty of places to play, relax, and socialize.

A logo depicting a solid blue skyline of Lexington, Kentucky cupped within a horse shoe.