Membership Management FAQs

How do I update the members associated with my institution or organization?

You need to be designated as the key contact.  If you only have one key contact, and that person has left, you would need to email the SACRAO VP for Membership or the VP for Information Technology, let them know who the two new key contacts should be.

If you are the key contact, you can update the information yourself.  You will need to make sure you are logged into the site.Then click the link below for PDF

How-To Guide for Updating Member Lists

What is a "Key Contact"?

Each organization can designate up to two key contacts.  A key contact is the person that has been designated as the individual, or individuals, responsible for updating the linked profiles of members associated with the organization.  The key contact(s) are also the individuals who receive the membership invoices each year.

What is a "Linked Profile"?

An organization or institution has a profile.  The people or individuals associated with that organization or institution have their own profiles that are "linked" to the organization.  For example, Central University College is the organization with its own profile, including the name of the school, its main campus address, its website, the institution logo, etc.  Central University College has five members, each of whom have their own profile information consisting of name, job title, mailing address, work email, gender, phone number, etc.  The profiles of these members are "linked" to Central University College.