Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan goals, objectives, and strategies outlined below are a summary of the full document.

Goal: To Disseminate Information and Exchange Ideas

Objective: Develop Publications to inform membership and prospective members
  • Maintain website
  • Continue printing the Journal
  • Continue online SACRAO Directory
  • Continue printing the Newsletter
  • Encourage members to subscribe to listservs
  • Maintain brochures for new members
  • Objective: Have SACRAO representative attend state and national meetings

Objective: Have SACRAO representative attend state and national meetings
  • Send SACRAO representative to state meetings
  • Send SACRAO representatives to AACRAO
Objective: Inform first-time attendees of SACRAO structure, meetings and goals
  • Encourage SACRAO members to be Mentors
  • Send information to new members about annual meeting
  • Hold a reception at SACRAO for first-time attendees
  • Have an orientation program at SACRAO for first-time attendees

Goal: To Provide Leadership in Policy Interpretations and Implementations

Objective: Conduct Professional workshops and meetings to keep membership informed of current practices and changes in the profession
  • Offer sessions and workshops at SACRAO meetings to inform membership
  • Print articles in the Newsletter concerning new policies and changes
  • Encourage SACRAO members to participate in AACRAO committees
  • Print Executive Committee deliberations in the Newsletter

Goal: To Promote standards and best practices affecting admissions officers, registrars and other academic support and student service professionals.

Objective: Recognize individuals within membership who have contributed to the advancement of the profession
  • Encourage members to write articles for the SACRAO Journal
  • Encourage members to write articles for the SACRAO Newsletter
  • Evaluate sessions at meetings and acknowledge the "Best Session"
  • Encourage members to nominate individuals for the "Certificate of Appreciation"
  • Encourage members to nominate individuals for the "Distinguished Service Award"
  • Review articles in the SACRAO Journal and recognize outstanding article--"Margaret Ruthven Perry Award"
  • Multicultural Award for State Excellence
  • Individual Multicultural Scholarship
Objective: Provide both internal and external experts for programs
  • Invite non-SACRAO members to annual meetings to conduct sessions
  • Choose Keynote speakers for meetings who provide leadership and guidance for our profession
  • Conduct workshops on new policies
Objective: Evaluate program sessions, workshops and conferences
  • Distribute evaluations at sessions
  • Review and rate evaluations
  • Review and evaluation summaries

Goal: To foster a friendly spirit of unity and cooperation among its members

Objective: Promote and provide opportunities for members to get acquainted
  • Encourage new members to attend new member orientation/reception
  • Encourage at least 50% of SACRAO members to visit hospitality suite at least once
  • Encourage at least 85% of registered attendees to attend SACRAO sponsored social events at the annual meeting
  • Encourage at least 50% of registered attendees to attend SACRAO breakfast meeting
Objective: Plan and advertise SACRAO at AACRAO reception
  • Plan and promote reception
Objective: Conduct sessions at annual meetings to get members involved
  • Encourage members to attend town meeting
  • Encourage members to attend forums
Objective: Encourage SACRAO members to mentor new members
  • Promote mentoring program

Goal: To reflect in the activities of the organization a balanced representation of personal and professional characteristics such as professional area of responsibility, gender, ethnicity, state and institutional type.

Objective: Increase participation of institutions within SACRAO region who are not members
  • Identify institutions which are not members
  • Send information to non-member institutions
Objective: Increase the participation of the under-represented SACRAO members within the organization
  • Identify minority SACRAO members
  • Develop a campaign to get minority members involved
  • Plan and conduct special sessions to promote minorities